What is a warranty card?

The warranty card is a legal document that confirms the repair and service for the product purchased by the consumer. Inside each product there is a"Rule of Use"booklet, which indicates the rules of the manufacturer, what is prohibited. Free warranty repair is carried out only in case of product malfunction due to factory defects and only during the period indicated on the warranty card. Shipping costs are not included in the liability of that warranty card.

Warranty service is not applicable in the following cases.

-Defects caused by mechanical damage (impact marks, damage to the casing, cracks, etc.)

-Defects caused by contamination and high humidity when liquids and foreign objects enter the product.

-Defects caused by unstable electric current.

-İstehsalçi tərəfindən tövsiyə olunmayan aksesuarların istifadə nəticəsində yaranan qüsurlar.

-When the device is opened by third parties or services and change of the guarantee of factory originality.

-Defects caused by careless use.

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